Shakespeare Festival

During the Summer of 2004, Yesteryear Productions participated in the Greenshow for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Incline Village, Nevada.

The history of the Greenshow goes back to Elizabethan times. A Greenshow was a short play that preceded the main production for the day. Oftentimes the Greenshow took place on the green outside the theatre (hence the name "Greenshow") although this wasn't always the case. Actors in the Greenshow were typically affiliated with the theatre company acting in the main feature. In many ways, the Greenshow served as what we now know as the warm-up or opening act for the main presentation. Oftentimes Greenshows were parodies of whatever play was to be performed by the troupe. The Greenshow is an integral part of the Festival, an opportunity to both follow the tradition of a Shakespearean performance while providing a good way to pass the time before the main performance.”

Yesteryear Productions actors dressed in a variety of Renaissance costumes and entertained the crowds with skits, dancing, song, and conversation. Queen Elizabeth, who was a fan of Shakespeare's and routinely saw his plays, made an appearance every Saturday night to mingle with the people waiting for the play to begin.

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